Matrix Vendor Solutions

We partner with hundreds of businesses, selling all types of equipment, to an extensive array of industries across Australia. Our Vendor solutions cater for customers wanting flexible rental solutions as well as the more traditional ownership options.

Increasing & Expediting Sales for your Business

At Matrix Finance Group we specialise in providing tailored financial solutions for our vendor partners and their customers. We are acutely aware of the reliance our partners have on utilising finance as a value-add tool in their sales process.

We understand what is important to all vendors:

  • Ability to increase sales, cash flow & profit
  • Protecting margins & increase average sales per customer
  • Locking your competitors out & creating a clear upgrade path
  • Controlling your customers lifecycles
  • Flexibility to bundle hardware, software, warranties & installation into a single agreement
  • Having access to reliable finance professionals that can help facilitate your sales
  • Providing fast payments to aid with your cash flow
  • Providing a value-added resource to your customers (1 stop shop)

We ensure you can offer your customers the most cost effective funding to be able to acquire the desired equipment from you without having to worry about the red tape associated with lenders documentation, compliance and settlement.

This ensures your customers can free up capital for income generating activities of their businesses, rather than burning scarce capital on non-strategic ventures.

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  • Increase sales, cash flow & profit

  • Protect margins & increase average sale / customer

  • Dedicated finance resource happy to assist in your sales process

  • Lock competitors out & create an upgrade path

  • Control your customers lifecycles

  • Bundle hardware, accessories, software, warranties, install

  • Improve speed of payments

  • Provide value add to your customers (1 stop shop)

  • Not locked into an enforced volume commitment