Debtor Finance & Working Capital

Debtor Finance is known by a number of names (Invoice Discounting, Invoice Finance, Factoring & Receivables Finance). Irrespective of the name, we know for certain it has become a mainstream finance tool for Australian businesses to manage cash flow.

Debtor Finance is NOT an off-the-shelf finance product, and many variations exist from a wide variety of financiers (both bank and non-bank lenders). Our Finance Executives are highly experienced and well equipped in structuring the right products that best suit your business.

Our Finance Executives will discuss product features such as:

  •   Confidential versus Disclosed
  •   Full service, partnership or self-managed
  •   Rate of retention release
  •   Recourse terms
  •   Minimum term of agreements
  •   Pricing structures

All of these features have variations, and as such a Debtor Finance product is essentially “built” to the requirements of your business, taking into consideration your specific financial circumstances.

Typically there is no requirement for property security on these facilities, and as such the finance limits can grow with your business turnover and not be limited to the amount of property you own.

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